100% real Daft Punk documentary 2k14

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The Front Bottoms - The Boredom Is the Reason I Started Swimming, Its Also the Reason I Started Sinking


Keep it simple and honest,
Stop crying, you’re an adult.
I could stand up, I could man up,
It’s just so convenient to be fragile.
This pain is constant and sharp,
Watching the singles that you send.
I wanna feel lethal on the inside,
I wanna read American Psycho again.

But I am not sure that I want
Any single part of this
Any single part of any of this shit.

I love this song

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everything personal♡


everything personal

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and then there are some who
believe that old
relationships can be
revived and made new

but please
if you feel that way

don’t phone
don’t write
don’t arrive.

—   Charles Bukowski (via kushandwizdom)

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